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A Million Miles – A Novel by Amy Fleisher Madden – Second Edition out May 4

Thomas Bellflower April 7, 2015




A Million Miles is not your typical YA novel in many ways… But the realness of the book is novel — and refreshing. It’s a book about loving music and being young. And it’s a book about growing up, too.”- Brenna Erlich, MTV

New York, NY (April 7, 2015) – A Million Miles is an intense coming of age story told with the burgeoning indie/emo music scene of the late ‘90s set as the backdrop. This story takes place in a scene that has been chronicled, but never truly exposed. Get in the van and drive around America with tour manager Maddy Traeger and her favorite band, Crimson + Clover. A Million Miles goes into its second edition on May 4, 2015 with Foreward by Wesley Eisold (Cold Cave, American Nightmare).

Crimson + Clover released a lone EP in 1999 (kind of) and today; MTV premieres the long lost video for “Calling You Out” saying, “I have some good news and some bad news: The good news? You’’re about to find your new favorite ’90s band, and we’’ve got their very first video, for the song “Calling You Out,” right here. The bad news? Um, they don’’t really exist. Despite the fact that they are not, well, corporeal — the band does have a new song and video out, as Madden decided when she first put out the book at the end of 2014 to bring Crimson + Clover into the real world.”

View the “Calling You Out” video here: 

Stream the Crimson + Clover EP here:

A Million Miles is not a story of arenas with flashing lights and luxurious tour buses; it’s one of dank dive bars and all night drives in a hot-boxed sardine can. You’ll experience through Maddy’s eyes what it’s really like to tour with Crimson + Clover, and cut your teeth on the fast moving blacktop that is the road.

“Reading A Million Miles, I often smiled when reminded of the absurdity of my own tour stories and how similar my real experiences were to those of the invented Crimson + Clover,” notes Eisold in the Foreward. “I embraced my own social awkwardness through Maddy, a warm reminder of what first attracted me to this world in the first place. To all of the roadies and tour managers I made suffer (and there were a lot), thank you for keeping most of us alive.”

Author Amy Fleisher Madden is known to some as “Amy Fiddler,” because of her independent record label that she started at age 16, Fiddler Records. Amy is credited with the discovery and signing of bands Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory, Juliette and The Licks, The Bled, Name Taken, Recover and more. AFM’s debut novel, A Million Miles is a revelation of a story that could have only been told by someone who lived through this incredibly transitory period of independent music first hand.


“These days are disposable, these nights are never ending…
and I guess you could say I am having the time of my life.”
– Maddy Traeger 


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