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JD’s Baseball Game is a story of perseverance

Thomas Bellflower June 26, 2015


Reviewed by Gary Roen

JD a nice little dragon is worried about not doing well in the baseball game he and his teammates are playing.  His coach takes him aside telling him to do the best he can.   JD is now so stressed and worried that he will fail the other members of his team.  The tension mounts as he has the count of two strikes against him.  Poor JD is worried that he will strike out.  “JD’s Baseball Game” includes a message to kids and adults that in order to succeed you must keep trying, and is a very nice book for readers of all ages to read and enjoy.

JD’s Baseball Game

By Stacey Hamm

Illustrated by Elena Stebakov
9781304925718, $13.99,

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