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Keanu Review

Review by The Reel Report Key and Peel are known for their television show and various appearances as side characters in terrible movies. Now they teamed up again for their big screen depute. You could go into this movie and [...]

May 6, 2016 REEL REPORT • Film

Kevin Smith’s Teen-Comedy “Yoga Hosers” Pre-Release Screening and Live Q&A at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall on June 2, 2016

The Ponte Vedra Concert Hall proudly presents filmmaker, actor, comedian Kevin Smith and a special pre-release screening of his brand new teen-comedy “Yoga Hosers”. After the film screening, there will be an exciting question and answer opportunity with Kevin Smith [...]

April 29, 2016 REEL REPORT • Film

The Jungle Book Review

Reviewed by The Reel Report Disney continues to do no wrong with the continued adaption of its animated classics. Director Jon Favreau made a great film where everything comes together perfectly. The visuals are stunning, the voice cast is spot [...]

April 15, 2016 REEL REPORT • Film

THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS Nine New Character Posters Revealed


April 9, 2016 REEL REPORT • Film

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Review by The Reel Report The highly anticipated showdown between the greatest superheroes is finally here and sadly Zack Snyder learned nothing from the mistakes of Man of Steel. So if you enjoyed that movie, you’ll probably like this. This [...]

March 24, 2016 REEL REPORT • Film

The Huntsman: Winter’s War New Trailer!

This is a prequel to the Snow White film staring Kristen Stewart. Is this necessary? No. Could it be good? Possibly. Emily Blunt is a nice addition but all I see is a medieval Thor movie. Hopefully the trailer doesn’t [...]

March 24, 2016 REEL REPORT • Film

The Shallows Trailer

This could be the jaws movie for this generation. It looks like it could be great, but only time will tell. [...]

March 24, 2016 REEL REPORT • Film

X-Men: Apocalypse New Trailer!

Between this and civil war, Marvel Studios is going to have an amazing year of cinema. I mean they already brought us Deadpool! My one complaint is that it seems like Jennifer Lawrence will hardly be changing into Mystique because [...]

March 24, 2016 REEL REPORT • Film

Sausage Party Red Band Trailer

This looks absolutely hilarious. I seriously looks as if it’s another Disney film until it takes it’s brutal turn. The cast is awesome and so excited for this movie. [...]

March 24, 2016 REEL REPORT • Film

10 Cloverfield Lane Review

Here is The Reel Report’s quick little review of 10 Cloverfield Lane. The movie lived up to every one of my expectations. It’s well shot, super intense, and the acting from John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead was fantastic. Making [...]

March 17, 2016 REEL REPORT • Film