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Actor and Writer Vic Mignogna dubs with Movement Mag before Collective Con

Thomas Bellflower

Fullmetal Alchemist voice actor Vic Mignogna talks Max Michaels from Movement Magazine. Vic will be at Collective Con all weekend, May 8-10. Tickets on sale now.


Max Michaels: How did you first get into voice acting?

Vic Mignogna: Quite by accident! I have been acting and doing stage/screen work since I was very young. One day about 16 years ago a friend in Houston encouraged me to audition for this company that dubbed Japanese anime into English and were looking for actors. I auditioned, got cast, and just kept going!

MM: Were you a fan of DBZ and/or anime prior to landing the role of Broly?

VM: I liked Speed Racer when I was young, but I didn’t know it was anime! Turns out I loved lots of anime shows that I just didn’t know were anime 🙂

MM: Since a lot of your voice work is dubbing for the American version, do you ever listen to how the original Japanese actors performed the character, or do you interpret the lines on your own?

VM: Sometimes, yes. But also there are many times when the Japanese response doesn’t match what a western culture would expect. So I would say our performances are a blend.

MM: Were you approached for ‘Full Metal Alchemist’ and/or ‘Bleach’ because of your previous voice work, or did you audition?

VM: I was asked to audition for those shows. I had already done a great many shows at Funimation, so when they got FMA they asked me to read for it.

MM: Do you prefer playing villains or heroes?

VM: I love playing ANYONE! Villains tend to sometimes be more interesting if they are written well. Why do they turn evil? Plus, since I’m not a villain in real life, it’s a better opportunity to “act”.

MM: Of the dozens of voices you’ve done, do you have a favorite? Or if its easier, a top 5?

VM: Dozens? Hundreds! I’d have to say that Ed from Fullmetal is my favorite though. I love that character and that series so much. And I played him longer than any other role I’ve done. But Tamaki from Ouran is a very close second place.

MM: Who inspires you or are you a fan of in the industry these days?

VM: There aren’t any voice actors who “inspire” me per say. But I do greatly admire the work of dear friends like Steve Blum, Laura Bailey, to name a few.

MM: Are there any properties you would love to work on which you haven’t yet?

VM: Plenty. But I don’t talk about them because I don’t want to jinx anything!

MM: Tell me more about ‘Star Trek: Renegades’?

VM: What a great amount of stars working on that. What’s it like working with them and how did you get involved? I dont have anything to tell you about Renegades. They shot it a very long time ago and it has taken quite a while to put it together. I’m hopeful that it will be great! It was fun working with the people that were in it, but that’s about all I know about it!

MM: Tell me about your past/present involvement in ‘Star Trek Continues’, the set up in GA, and the future of the series and the sets (When we last we spoke I believe you said your company just bought it out completely? Let me know some details).

VM: From 12 years old I fell in love with the original series of Star Trek. I always dreamed of being part of that iconic show. So about 2 years ago I put together a group of friends and skilled artists and started Star Trek Continues. It picks up right where the original series ended in the 60s. We have an 18,000 square foot studio with the largest recreation of the original soundstage on earth, Our series currently has three episodes out, with the fourth about to premiere at Phoenix Comicon in late May. It has recieved more acclaim and enthusiasm than we ever imagined, and we’re hoping to do many more.

MM: You had Collin Baker, Doctor Who himself, on one of the recent episodes. Give us the low down on how you got him on board and how it was to work with him?

VM: Colin and I have become friends from signing at conventions together. I always like to bring in actors from other famous scifi series (Battlestar Galactica, Incredible Hulk, Buck Rogers, Star Wars, etc) so when episode IV called for a character that I knew Colin would be perfect for, I called him and he graciously agreed to do it!

MM: We missed you at MegaCon because you were traveling abroad. Give us some details on what you were doing overseas and how it all went!

VM: I love Megacon so much and was very sad to miss it this year! But I had the privilege to go to the Middle East Film & Comicon with William Shatner! It was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up, so I’ll plan to be back at my dear Megacon next year!

MM: Where is the best place for fans to keep up with updates on all your projects?

VM: You can find out all about Star Trek Continues at Like us on Facebook too at official star trek continues. I invite all of you to follow me on twitter @vicmignogna, and consider yourselves personally invited to join my online fanclub, we have over 20,000 members world wide and you are most welcome!

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