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admin February 1, 2015

"The Death of Wolverine" - Issue One

So just in case you’ve been living under a rock in Latveria, Wolverine is dead…

(Potential Spoilers Ahead!)

“Death of Wolverine” #4 concluded last week with, you guessed it, the death of Wolverine. Now I completely agree that the whole ‘death of’ trope has been done to.. uh… death, but this was a pretty effective one, especially considering it’s not exactly the first time that James ‘Logan’ Howlett has bit the dust. That said, “Death of Wolverine” is one awesome swan song! The art alone (by Steve McNiven, Jay Lesiten and Justin Ponsor) is worth it, but Charles Soule really delivers with one hell of a script.

Death of Wolverine (opening)

The story follows our favorite Canadian hero’s last days leading up to a final confrontation with the creator of the Weapon X program, Dr. Cornelius. Throughout Logan proves he is still a badass without his healing factor. In the end he pops his claws one last time (snikt!) to save three people, but in doing so is ironically killed by boiling adamantium.

Death of Wolverine #3So it wasn’t Sabretooth, Mystique, or the Silver Samurai that did him in, but rather his unwavering selfless sense of justice.

My initial reaction was: he’ll probably be back next week, but then I started to consider – what if Wolverine really doesn’t come back this time? (at least for an extended period) Back when Batman ‘died’, I felt that he should’ve been gone longer, Superman too for that matter.

I think this was a bold move on Marvel’s part, but a smart one, because for the past several years Logan has been in waaaay too many series. There’s been times where two separate stories take place at the same time on opposite sides of the universe and Wolverine still guest starred in both of them.

So after slicing and dicing his way through 11,912 issues, over the past forty years, Old Man Logan needs a break…

"Old Man Logan" by Mark Millar

The Wolverine first appeared in “The Incredible Hulk” #180 in October, 1974.

Incredible Hulk 181He later debuted with the X-men in “Giant-Size X-Men #1″ along with Storm, Colossus and Nightcrawler. He became a fully fledged character through Claremont’s run on Uncanny X-Men as elements of his mysterious past would pop up here and there. The love triangle between Cylcops, Jean and Logan was fleshed out during ‘The Dark Phoenix Saga’.

Eventually it was revealed that he’d been experimented on and his bones were laced with adamantium in the Weapon X program, in an effort to harness his abilities as the ultimate killing machine. Wolverine went on to do some soul searching in Japan and had a few tragic love affairs.

Then Magneto went and ripped out his skeleton…

Magneto ripping out Wolverine's adamantium...

That’s gotta suck…

In ‘Days of Future Past’, future Wolverine is killed by a Sentinel…

Days of Future Past - Wolverine's death


During ‘the Infinity Gauntlet’, Thanos murders him…

Thanos kills Wolverine too...

Then there’s that time the Hulk ripped him in half…

Ultimate Wolverine vs the Hulk

He didn’t exactly walk away from this so much as drag his bloody torso across a mountain to retrieve his legs…

Ultimatum - Wolverine diesIn ‘Ultimatum’ (which was essentially the ending of the Ultimate Marvel universe – which has somehow limped on ever since), when Magneto steals Thor’s hammer in order to reverse the magnetic pulls and wipe out humankind, Wolverine and a handful of other heroes team up to take him out. During the final fight, Magneto takes control of Iron Man’s armor and Cyclops’s visor, then uses them to vaporize Wolverine. He then obliterates his adamantium skeleton at the molecular level…

Most recently, Wolverine even stabbed an alternate version of himself to death in order to avoid a time paradox (see: ‘Age of Ultron’)

Wolverine and the Phoenix - All New X-Men

After numerous deaths adventures fighting ninjas and cyborgs, teaming up with The Avengers, the X-Men, and literally every other person in the entire Marvel universe, Wolverine eventually went on to become the headmaster at the Jean Grey School for the Gifted. He leaves behind one clone, approximately 30 teams, and countless flings.

Rest in peace, bub.

Logan gives Prof X's eulogy


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