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The Fine Print Shoppe reminds us it’s all in the Fine Print.

Thomas Bellflower

The Fine Print Shoppe started with one aimless young artist who stumbled upon the joys of screen printing one blessed day, Hallelujah. Completely self-taught, he’s journeyed through from the early years of his primitive stencil cutting to the technological achievement of Serigraphy, look it up. Along the way he’s managed to pick up a wife/business partner(not the easiest situation BUT they make it work most days) and a scrappy dog named, Rufus, the decision maker. Together they strive to create awesomeness because they were created as such and it’s only fair. To help with this they are joined from time to time by other Creatives lending their creative talents to help make the Shoppe more…creative. This is the Mission, the Vision, the Goal, THIS, is The Fine Print Shoppe.

Honesty. Quality. Service. It’s All in the Fine Print.

SPIDEY_400sq Godzilla_destroy1_400sq JP_mockup_400sq




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