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Mythmaker: The Interview With The Man Behind Jacksonville’s Newest Nightclub Experience




MOVEMENT exclusively reveals the official first look inside Jacksonville’s newest hot spot Myth Nightclub & Elements Bistro+Bar. This stunning venue is in the former location of Club TSi which has been meticulously renovated from top to bottom in a relevantly short time into a stunning new stylized venue with pristine sound, LED walls and a world class environment. We spoke with visionary owner and mythmaker Jon Mroz aka DJ Kinesis about the city’s newest landmark entertainment destination.



Myth owner and creator Jon Mroz behind the DJ Booth


You’ve been a DJ for many years, what made you decide to make the big move to club owner?

It’s kind of funny … I actually took a short break from the music industry about 5 years ago to build some traditional marketing companies. While these ventures were successful, the break forced me to come to the realization that it just wasn’t my passion. In my younger years I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel the world to perform at, and attend some of the most amazing venues this planet has to offer. From Ibiza, to Hawaii, London to British Columbia, Amsterdam to Italy, and beyond, I was silently compiling notes as to how some of the top nightclubs and festivals were running their show. Whether it be the clarity of the sound, the way the intelligent lighting was setup, or how the staff treated their customers … it was something I wouldn’t soon forget. With a passion for music and production, and seeing a void that needed to be filled in Jacksonville, I thought it was time to make the leap and work towards a fulfilling a dream that I have subconsciously been putting off for years.


From concept to completion, what were some of the more challenging aspects and hurdles you came up against that you didn’t expect (and how did you get past them)?

While I always try to look at all challenges as a learning experience, there were definitely more than a fair share of challenges in the completion of this project. Most of my biggest obstacles were overcoming building code requirements. Public safety is huge in my book. We went above and beyond in terms of completely redoing ALL plumbing, electrical, mechanical and fire. I started out with a set budget and timeframe, but problem after problem arose forcing us to triple both our budget and time. In the end, we knew it had to be done, so that’s exactly what we did … worked with our contractors, the city, and an amazing group of people to make it all come together in the end.




Myth and Element are really two separate venues in one. Tell us about Element, how that ties in with Myth, and what it has to offer.

Element Bistro really comes from my love for quality craft cocktails with a healthy alternative to bar food. Both the food and drink menu are designed around the 4 elements – Earth, Wind, Fire, Water where we use the freshest ingredients in both our food and drinks menus. You can get a sneak peak as to what we have to offer at

Located in downtown Jacksonville near the plaza (and quite a few other residents), we saw a need for a healthier alternative in food, along with a great bar for the happy hour crowd. Element is a great place to stop in for a drink before or after a game, or concert, after a hard day at work, or just for a quick bite to eat. And if you decide that you’d like to join us for some international performing artists at the nightclub thereafter – well, we have you covered there as well.


Myth is one of the most stylized venues yet in Jax. What were some of your inspirations for the decor?

Well thank you for saying so. I felt that there were 2 important themes that I wanted to tie in with my design – Organic (coming from the Riverside area) infused with technology (coming from the Downtown area). It really was a mixture of things that I have seen over the years throughout my travels, while bringing it home and connecting it to what our city has to offer.




After your grand opening what can Jax expect from Myth for weekly and special events?

We have been fortunate enough to team up with some of Jacksonville’s best promotional teams. From Vlad with Crunchay, to Mason and Conner with Bangarang, Chris, Alley and Ed with Jax EDM, Q45, Byron Brown, Some of Jacksonville’s best bands, acoustic and live music, and of course our staple friends in the House music industry, you can expect to hear a very diverse format with set nights giving just about everyone a night that they can call their own. Expect regional, national and international performing artists on a regular basis.


We’ve been ask what sort of club Myth is and what sort of music would be played. How would you answer this?

The idea of Myth is one that we would hope our customers would call their own. The definition is: A traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon.

Myth is what you make it. It’s your story. We just hope to provide you with an amazing experience that includes, but is not limited to quality sound, an amazing light show, great food, uniquely designed drinks, and a staff that has a passion for serving you.


Full liquor or beer/wine?

We have full liquor, beer, wine, and food.


What will your operating days and hours be?

We are starting out 7 days a week from 11:AM to 2:AM for Element Bistro and 5 days a week – Wednesday thru Sunday for Myth Nightclub (8:PM – 2:AM or later).


Where is the best place online for people to keep up with show and schedule updates?




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