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The Krycek Effect

Sam Farmer

When the X-Files debuted in 1993, the landscape of conspiracy theory was confined to specialty book shelves and late night AM radio. Pre-internet, low information areas of the country could indulge fantastic narratives of men in black, operating behind-the-scenes to suppress public knowledge of nefarious government activities. When the original X-Files series ended shortly after 9/11, an entire generation was armed with re-runs, questionable logic, and enough bandwidth to take their ideas mainstream. As an unrepentant skeptic myself, I have to reconcile that my all-time favorite TV show is partially responsible for seeding a new lunatic fringe.

With a new X-Files miniseries underway, perhaps now would be a good time to revisit one of the X-Files most relevant characters: Alex Krycek, my rebuttal to all conspiracy theories.

krycek meme

Worst disgruntled employee ever.

The X-Files storyline centered on the dealings of a group of government insiders known as “The Syndicate.” The conspiracy theory equivalent would be something like The Bilderberg Group — Globalists who conspire to rig markets and stage world events — but for every “Smoking Man” there must be dozens, if not hundreds, of pawns like Alex Krycek.

Anyone familiar with the series knows that the Krycek character began as a triggerman for The Syndicate, but when another operative failed to assassinate him, he went rogue, becoming a loose end and a real pain-in-the-ass for our TV antagonists.

Whenever I hear conspiracy theorists speculate about clandestine operations carried out in secret by the US government, I think of Alex Krycek. All it took was ONE disgruntled former employee to unravel the The Syndicate’s human experimentation operation in Russia.

When the world’s most powerful group can’t contain the actions of a former operative to the point that they risk implosion or exposure, that’s the Krycek Effect.

Consider any of the numerous points of just the 9/11 conspiracy: holograms, nanothermite dust, radio-controlled missiles, decoy planes, video-doctoring, mass-execution, mass-relocation, etc. For the 9/11 conspiracy theory to be true, it must’ve involved THOUSANDS of operatives… triggermen, pilots, technicians, VFX compositors, witness protection specialists, etc.

But not ONE Alex Krycek?!

There are some conspiracy theorists who believe that the “Kryceks” of the real world work in isolation, blindly following orders, with no understanding of the bigger picture. In other words, the old Nuremberg defense, “Befehl ist befehl.” But how can rational people accept the cognitive dissonance: These agents must be inhumanly-skilled in complicated, multi-national intelligence operations, but NEVER recognize the result of their actions?! I’m sure the inevitable lunatic fringe answer involves some Jason Bourne/mind control program.

Enjoy the new episodes and next time one of your conspiracy theorist friends mention the reptilian cabal of globalist bankers, ask them, “Why no Krycek?”

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