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Catching Fire: The Fantastic Piff and Where to Find Him

admin January 24, 2017


I don’t usually watch too many competition shows. Usually only if I happen to know someone participating. I’ve seen friends win thousands of dollars on Fear Factor, audition for America Idol, and most notably Jax local juggler and performer David Ferman when he made it through multiple rounds of America’s Got Talent. Though these shows are good for a laugh or a gasp here and there, they don’t always deliver on the talent. But every now and then a real winner emerges. I don’t mean winning the contest exactly, but winning my fandom for sure.


My roommates insisted I watch this crazy guy in a Dragon onesie doing tricks with his dog on AGT. So I obliged, I like ridiculously strange things. Instant crush. Not only am I fond of deadpan snarky British humor, but also creative magic and a massive stage presence. Absurd costuming is also a plus.


Piff The Magic Dragon has that all and more. More being Mr. Piffles his K9 assistant.


Reading up on him I find this little Dragon has been breathing fire! He’s performed record breaking shows, won the praise of titans of the magic world, opened for huge musical acts, and been viewed by millions and millions of people online.


I wanted to get under the scales of this mythical performer a little deeper, so I tracked him down and did this little interview to preview him upcoming performance here in Jacksonville this weekend. Full show info is at the end of the interview.

1. Who is your favorite magician of all time and why?

Penn & Teller – For changing the game of magic and making it relevant again.

2. Did you have any sort of mentor to train under for magic, or anyone that directly influenced your style or technique?

“Only the magicians I watched on television as a kid. Amazing Jonathan, Mac King, David Williamson.”

3. How did Mr. Piffles get into the act? What was his first performance/appearance with you?

I thought the act needed a gimmick. He was in my first Edinburgh show in 2009.

4. If your career as a comedian/magician dragon hadn’t taken off, what sort of career do you think you may have best at?

An extra on Game of Thrones.”

5. What does a comedian/magician dragon do on his off time? Any non-dragon hobbies?

Dragons love golf.

6. Who is your favorite Dragon? (any from TV, film, books or lore)

“I’m a big fan of Smaug for his immense treasure pile.

7. To your stylish look … reportedly this came from wearing a costume to a ‘fancy dress party’, was wearing it on purpose or were you told it was a costume party? Was that dragon costume hand made or store bought, give me the ‘origins’ back story? Do you have them made now?

“I was invited to a costume party, and had nothing to wear. My sister had a dragon outfit under her bed. I didn’t ask why. When I turned up, no one else was in costume. Even the host had changed. Brutal. A friend of mine, who knew I was a magician, said I could do this in my act, be Puff the Magic Dragon. I took her a little too seriously. I have them made now as that original one didn’t have pockets, and my current one has 28. Evolution.”

8. You’ve accomplished an impressive rise in popularity in a short time from being on major TV shows to touring with amazing bands. Any one thing that you’ve done or accomplished that you are particularly amazed or shocked at. Like ‘I can’t believe that just happend’ sort of thing.

I never imagined I would have have my own show in Las Vegas! And yet Mr Piffles and I have already been there well over a year now at The Flamingo.”

9. Any notable odd or crazy stories from the road you’d like to share?

“Too many. We went to Hong Kong last year. They didn’t get it. They just ran around screaming ‘oh no he’s back!!! And this time he’s really small!!'”

10. Is there a name yet for Piff fan girls/boys yet?

“The #PiffPack”

11. Is there any difference in British and American audiences as far as comedy goes? The collective sense of humor for both countries seem to have their own sort of preferences and nuisances. Have you had to adjust your act when you cross the pond?

“Americans have this thing called optimism which is very alien to the British culture. Other than that we both seem to laugh at the same jokes.”

12. Does Piff puff?

“Despite my misleading fondness for snacks, I don’t. I have to stay focused on the true prize. Princesses!


Experience Piff the Magic Dragon for yourself LIVE in Jacksonville this weekend …

January 26, 27 and 28, 2017

at the

3130 Hartley Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32257
$25 tickets available HERE!

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