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1. How did the band originally get formed and how did the sound evolve to what it is today
Skyview formed in 2007 in a little town called Bonifay FL (near Tallahassee) by a group of college friends trying to combine modern aviation themes within their original music. The result was the first record : “The Sound of Flight” (available on most streaming & online music platforms). The Sound of Flight is mixed with themes of young love, the thrill of adventure, & seeing one’s life path from a higher persepctive as if they were flying in an airplane. The record consists of anthemic melodies, inspirational lyrics, and instrumentals that build to waves of intricate layered loops with hard hitting drums, and driving electric guitars. Similar to bands such as U2, Angels & Airwaves, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, & Journey. They ventured out on three national tours with “The Sound of Flight” in 2012 & 2013 in the midwest & east coast regions such as Brookyln, Chicago, Baltimore, Nashville, & Indianapolis.
“Light to Follow”:
“The Sound of Flight” Live at The Hard Rock Cafe in Destin:
Since their first record release, the band advanced to a new sound in early 2014. In 2016, Skyview released their second record “Of Love & Despair” ( While keeping synthesizers & an alternative rock sound at the forefront of the mix, they made it their goal to immerse the second album with themes relating to life struggles, romance, & growing through internal pain. The first record was primarily written in major keys, with lyrics that are full of optimism & faith while the second record brought in the reality of hardships and pain. The music fell into more minor keys and the vocal parts evolved from tenor into more baritone parts. While writting the latest record, vocalist Evan Smith discovered his strength is more in the baritone range & has a similar vocal vibe to the likes of David Bowie & Depeche Mode.
“You Win” Music Video:
2. How did you come up with the band name?
In 2007, members of the band were having late rehearsals 3 to 4 times a week & they would almost always go to Waffle House in Chipley, FL after their rehearsals because no other restaurant was open. At that waffle house they came up with dozens of band name ideas, none of which really stuck. A month or so after beginning to write and rehearse together they spotted a road sign in Marriana, FL with the name “Skyview Road” on it. The name felt right, and the band decided “Skyview” perfectly reflected what they wanted to do with the concept of intertwining aviation and music.
3. What song are you proudest of so far
We’re very proud of the song “Wandering Souls” from our latest record “Of Love & Despair”. We normally end our live performances with it because of how it builds. It was written during a very trying time for the members of Skyview. Events occured in their lives that helped mold and shape the song, & it is about recovery. The lyrics reflect a few true stories about the band members & how we cant always understand why tragedy takes place. The point of the song is that we ultimately can become stronger through our difficulties.
“Wandering Souls” Album Version:
“Wandering Souls” Live TV performance:
4. Is there a primary song writer in the band and where do the ideas for your songs originate?
Vocalist Evan Smith, leads the collaboration with the members of the band. For Skyview, songs originate from many sources.. a personal experience, a feeling, current national news, romance, break-ups, depression, and airplane rides. Sometimes it starts with a musical idea, other times it starts with a concept that one of the members wants to get across. But almost every time we write, its different.
5. What are your goals in the music industry? 
The goal of the band is to create art that people enjoy and to help others by sharing stories of struggle & recovery. They also strive to be masters of their craft and to be the best at what they do. In the music industry, the goal is to be self-sufficient and to grow a community of support. Skyview’s goal is to release music and a message that people can relate to and to perform shows that feel closer to an experience rather than just a normal concert.
6. Do you have a dream venue you’d like to play at?
Skyview would love to play Irving Plaza (NYC) & Red Rocks Amphitheater (CO) one day.. Also to perform at a Planetarium with an accompanying interactive lyric video above the performance is something theyre working towards.
7. What do the members of the band do when you’re not playing or practicing? Any hobbies/workplaces?
For work, some of the members are in the service industry while others work at a recording studio and in quality control.  Some are fathers and enjoy spending time with family. Also, attending shows, watching sports and networking with other musicians/artists.
8. What’s your advice for anyone who wants to go into the music industry?
Be diligent and concerned over the small details of your music & performance & know it takes a lot of sacrifice to keep a creative project alive.  Lift other artists up and keep a humble mindset.
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by Brendan Rodenberg

for MOVEMENT Magazine

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