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Orlando Overdrive 2018


Orlando Overdrive 2018 was a fantastic showcase of some of the great local nerdy talent Orlando has to offer and showcased everyone at an Orlando staple, The Geek Easy. Ongaku Overdrive has been curating nerdy Orlando acts since 2013, and every event gets bigger and better. This years Overdrive featured 9 different acts and 6 independent local video games that could be demoed.


The first artist O_Super started off with a quick rap about being Orlando Strong, and reminded everyone that Orlando can stand together through anything. Orlando Strong is about how all of Orlando came together after the Pulse massacre and did everything to show Orlando will always come together to support one another. Starting the show with such a powerful message was an amazing way to start the night and was a quick way to bring everyone together for a good day. O_Super creates his own music, while being featured on lots of other Nerdcore artists albums, including Mag.Lo who performed later in the night.


Next up was Geekapella, an acapella group specializing in songs about geeky things like Star Wars, Steven Universe, and some of the best memes on the internet. At this show, they premiered a cover of No Handelbars by Flobots, with some updated lyrics all about Super Mario. The main lyrics of the song included the phrase “I can beat the boss with no fireballs,” which is a goal for most people playing any of the Mario games. They finished their set with their iconic cover of Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf, which included dramatic storytelling and ridiculous acting out of the song.


Ivy Hallivana is new to the Orlando area and was invited to the show after being voted for by fans. Although she does not make music aimed towards the nerdy audience, her dreampop was a nice addition for any fans that just wanted to take some time to dance.


Mag.Lo was the second indie hip hop artist to perform and kept the fun and upbeat attitude going. As a musician and a producer, Mag.Lo knew most of the other artists performing and had worked with many of them so everyone was excited to see him perform. Since he had so many friends in the crowd he had collaborated with, Mag.Lo invited O_Super to come on stage and perform a song with him. Their energy was contagious, and only got bigger when they jumped into the crowd to dance with everyone while performing.


The next act to perform was Orlando’s own lo fi locals the Marc with a C Trio, including the musician Marc with a C and his backing band Jim Myers on drums and Emmit Dobbyn on bass. Marc with a C has been performing in Orlando since 1999 and is always a welcomed addition to any line up. His music is always energetic and full of power, especially with songs from his new album Obscurity. One of the final songs they performed is a fan favorite called Life’s So Hard, which included a sing along by the group Geekapella. The Trio always puts on an amazing show, and this quick set was no different.


Continuing the rock theme, the next musicians to perform call themselves Under Polaris. These 2-piece group write video game inspired instrumental music. They may have only had a bass and a guitar on stage, but those instruments mixed with the audio track in the background made for a fun performance.


The last musician to perform before the DJ’s started was the Orlando favorite EyeQ. With songs about anime, videogames, and other nerdy things he was a fantastic addition to the lineup. EyeQ is always a delight to see, and it was great to see him perform in his hometown surrounded by his friends. His positive attitude and fun music was a wonderful way to end the line-up of musicians and begin the energetic dance party that ended the night. 


dj-Jo and Ben Briggs ended the night with an anime and video gamed themed dance party. dj-Jo specializes in anime remixes, and all kinds of great digital music. Ben Briggs is well known in the Orlando community, and frequently performs at The Geek Easy for all kinds of events. His songs usually center around video games, but his newest album Still Turning is all about accepting himself for who he is, and this album is great proof that he is more than just a nerdy artist.


All the musicians featured at Orlando Overdrive were a pleasure to meet and watch perform, and I personally can’t wait to see them all continue to be successful in Orlando, and all the other cities they have made their mark in. Make sure to find them all on Facebook to find some new amazing music to listen to!



Sheridon Chaney

Orlando Correspondent for MOVEMENT Magazine

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