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A Tribe Called Red Remixes HUMANS

Thomas Bellflower

“Watusi (A Tribe Called Red Remix)”
Unveiled on Magnetic Magazine

“Their single ‘Watusi’ is a track fit for the fading embers of a campfire dance party. A great vibe no doubt, but A Tribe Called Red just threw on the kerosene.”Magnetic Magazine

“The electronic feats of anxious anticipation gets met with the sub-bass boom and handclap stomp to keep your night kicking onward past the curfews and witching hours.” – Impose Magazine

HUMANS’ single “ Watusi” is remixed by fellow Canadian electronic music group A Tribe Called Red that “just amped up the energy on the tribal dance track”.  It’s the perfect transformation of HUMANs’ dreamy winter Watusi into A Tribe Called Red’s bangin summer block party remix.

“Watusi” was featured on their most recent triumph, Noontide LP, released in February on Hybridity.

Situated at the East end of Vancouver, Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq have been crafting music together since 2010. By blending each of their specific musical influences, HUMANS create indie-electronic music that also possesses a distinct darkness to it. Focusing on the performance ideals of modern greats like LCD Soundsystem or Jamie XX, HUMANS are able to impress audiophiles with their technical skills while still stirring up action on the dancefloor.

The duo recently put out Noontide LP accompanied by a North America tour.


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