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Bitchin Bajas & Natural Information Society Release A New Song

Thomas Bellflower July 23, 2015


It’s but once in a lifetime that two bands merge to create a powerfully hypnotic palette that sounds as effortless as it does urgently essential and immediate. Enter Natural Information Society and Bitchin Bajas-two groups, each in pursuit of the musical unconscious under their own auspices, have co-joined! Together, Natural Information Society‘s free, grooving spirituality and Bajas‘ synthetic minimalism converge and shift in a delicate synergy. This idyllic combination of melodic-drone and activated rhythm carves a psychedelic path on “Anemometer,” the first song revealed from their collaborative album, Automaginary, out August 28th!

As the drive of the guimbri becomes fully present, drawing the ensemble into its orbit with cymbals, synths, autoharps and flute, “Anemometer” glints aural rays of varying lengths like spokes on a revolving wheel. This discrete occurrence will no doubt lick the inside of your ear, sending a supercharge of power and peace straight into the main artery of your personal pleasure-zone. Automaginary is a remarkable congregation of two tribes jamming together, like experiencing the outer reaches of space with a toe or two still grounded in Earthly soil.

Listen to ” Anemometer ” and let the somnolent vibes guide you to internal peace!

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