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Caustic Casanova share heady new single

Thomas Bellflower August 14, 2015

Caustic Casanova – “Quezalteca Deathswitch Blues” via Vents Magazine or Soundcloud

Caustic Casanova is a loud, heavy rock trio from Washington, DC. They’ve been tearing up stages and studios alike with their unique brand of eclectic, “absurdly muscled uber-psyche” since their inception on the campus of The College of William & Mary in 2005. In 2008, CC released their first ever full-length studio album, a seventy-two minute tour-de-force entitled Imminent Eminence. Four years later, they unleashed 2012’s critically acclaimed Someday You Will Be Proven Correct, produced by J. Robbins.

After the release of Someday You Will Be Proven Correct and a 2012 SXSW tour came the sudden departure of the group’s original guitarist, and a most critical juncture for the band – whether to continue as Caustic Casanova, start another project, or part ways altogether. After much deliberation, drummer/vocalist Stefanie Zaenker and bassist/lead vocalist Francis Beringer decided to honor the work they’d done over the years together by continuing Caustic Casanova.

Caustic Casanova – “Show Some Shame” via Exclaim! or Soundcloud

Months of experimenting as a bass and drums two piece were followed by rounds of guitar player auditions, finally yielding the missing element to the new CC, longtime fan, friend and all-around six string wizard Andrew Yonki. Over the next two years CC embarked on two lengthy national tours and several shorter ones, and earned a much bigger following in DC. In 2014, the band signed to Kylesa-owned Retro Futurist Records after opening for the psych-metal veterans, and spent several weeks in the studio. Despite losing Stefanie for nearly half a year to severe wrist injuries from a life threatening accident (once again putting the very existence of the band in jeopardy) CC returned stronger, tighter and more motivated than ever to build sonic temples in which to worship feedback, massive riffs, delay pedals, bass fuzz, thunderous drum fills and soaring vocal melody.

The end product of these years of writing and recording through trial and tribulation is Caustic Casanova’s new album and Retro Futurist debut, Breaks, once again produced by J. Robbins. Breaks features seven unconventional and melodic heavy rock songs, none quite like the other, and covers a vast sonic territory from dark, driving post-punk to psychedelic post-metal, from heavy doom blues to epic space rock and everything in between. Breaks will be released on September 25, 2015. Look for Caustic Casanova on tour in the US throughout August, October and November.


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