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Dan Svizeny streams LP + Available now via Group Tightener

Thomas Bellflower July 13, 2015

Philadelphia’s Dan Svizeny is now proud to share the stream to his new album. Whitecaps is out now via Group Tightener, the label that brought you early releases from the likes of Cloud Nothings, Best Coast, and Alex Bleeker. Svizeny recorded the album in isolation and a spirit of both freedom and alienation comes out across the recording. Listen to the album below and head over to iTunes to own it forever.

LISTEN: Whitecaps

There’s an episode of the Sopranos where Tony Soprano, the patriarch of the family, starts to see the consequences of his failings as a husband and father. In it, the family is about to buy a beach house on the Jersey shore, but by the end of the episode, they’re separated. That episode is called “White Caps,” which is also the name of Dan Svizeny’s latest record.

After spending a bunch of years in Philadelphia working a dead end job, and “being a big kid” Svizeny went out completely alone to a house in Frenchtown, New Jersey and recorded his latest album. At the time, his girlfriend was in New York, so he mostly only saw her on weekends.


They were so close, but far enough away that it wasn’t exactly convenient to see her constantly, so Svizeny spent a lot of time by himself, looking for a place to belong, writing music and trying to reach the great American ideal as seen through the lens of one of his heroes, Bruce Springsteen.


You wouldn’t know that Springsteen influenced Svizeny, necessarily. Where Springsteen’s music looks outward, and, even in its quietest moments, is anthemic, Svizeny’s music, whether he’s recording as Cough Cool or completely solo under his own name, points inward. But they’re grappling with the same ideas and dilemmas. It’s just that Svizeny’s music an insular, fuzzed out muffled take on America, grappling not with the ideals of the country but instead its realities. It feels modern and real, even in its sadder moments.


Whitecaps is a sprawling record, moving from sun streaked fuzz to drunken haze and back, it’s the sound of exhaustion-whether Svizeny is wishing, over and over, that he was all alone on “Sour,” allowing his voice to blend in with a blown out riff on “Erased,” or mutating a rock ‘n’ roll sneer into the hangover-ready, close-to-feel-good anthem of first single “Dreams Came True,” he sounds simultaneously complacent and conflicted, like he knows life is weird and difficult even as he accepts it for what it is.


Whitecaps is out digitally on Group Tightener June 30th, 2015


Dan Svizeny


(June 30th, Group Tightener)


1. No Shadows

2. Big City

3. From The Sky

4. Maroon

5. Interlude

6. Dreams Came True

7. For You

8. Sour

9. Still Time to Change the Road You’re On

10. Erased

11. From Gold To Roses

12. Morning Drive

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