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FERAL KIZZY New Album “Slick Little Girl”

Thomas Bellflower May 20, 2015

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Slick Little Girl, the first full length album from Long Beach CA’s FERAL KIZZY expands the hard- edged new wave sound of their previous self- titled EP (2013) into epic dark pop. At once catchy and haunting, it captures the intensity of their live shows, while focusing the energy directly into the listener’s ears and soul.

The five members of FERAL KIZZY bring a variety of influences to their music, from PATTI SMITH punk to grunge, classic rock, even hip-hop and soul, but blend them into a seamless, unique sound. There are hints of CONCRETE BLONDE, the YEAH YEAH YEAHSglam BOWIE and Disintegration-era CURE, but the end result is purely their own.

Chantel Donnon writes in Music in Press, “FERAL KIZZY “exude a kind of cool that’s both approachable and intimidating, complemented with an enthusiasm that can easily make them the unquestioned leaders of the music pack. The fire and skill they bring to the stage will melt down your mind and build something better from the goo that remains, and afterwards I promise you will never be the same.””

For months, singer Kizzy Kirk and musicians Brenda Carsey, Johnny Lim, Mike Meza and Kevin Gonzalez have locked themselves into Lim’s studio to carefully record and produce every single note heard on Slick Little Girl. On some of the tracks, the band was joined by Hannah Smith Keller on bass and Hannah Blumenfeld (from JAIL WEDDINGS and WHITE MURDER) added some final nuances on violin and cello.

Highlights such as Community Service, Lament, and Not My Mind develop like mini- symphonies, building into cathartic finales. Yet FERAL KIZZY are also capable of bouncy pop like The Way We Are and Sally And The Emcee. The album ends with the epic “What Are You Doing” and singer Kizzy Kirk hauntingly hollering deep from her heart, ““What is the point anyway?”

Artist: Feral Kizzy
Title: Slick Little Girl
Release Date: 26/06/2015

Feral Kizzy - Slick Little Girl-Cover


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