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Geronimo! unleashes “Fires of Hell” with NPR Music

Thomas Bellflower

Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol. 4 – Why Did You Leave Me? EP due out March 31st on Exploding In Sound Records
Farewell show this Saturday, March 28th at Chicago’s Beat Kitchen

Geronimo! set to release the final installment of their “Buzz Yr Girlfriend” series on Exploding In Sound Records
Geronimo! are sharing their final single, “Fires of Hell” via NPR Music, and while the band are nearing the end of their time together, NPR want to let the world know that this “might be the best song in the trio’s entire discography”. It’s high praise for a band that has been releasing expansive fuzz punk, shoegaze and post-hardcore influenced indie rock for nearly seven years, growing tighter and exponentially more dynamic with every passing release. NPR added, “The three-minute crescendo that caps the song really does feel like a band raging against the dying of the light,” capturing the essence of a band that is soon to be gone, but far from forgotten.



Geronimo! have been Chicago’s “best kept secret” for far too long. Over the past seven years the band have released a slew of exceptional full lengths and EPs, continuing to expand and impress until their final ear piercing chords have rang out. In May of 2014 the band released their own underground masterpiece, Cheap Trick (named for their shared hometown of Rockford, IL with the legendary glam rockers), an album that took Geronimo! to new heights, alternating between drifting experimental noise pop and earth crushing post-punk that kept listeners on their toes.

Last September Geronimo! announced that they’d be breaking up, but not before one last tour, which they embarked on last Fall with Chicago pals Meat Wave. The band issued the following statement regarding their decision to call it quits,

“Hello friends. After close to 7 years of performing together as Geronimo! we have decided to put the band to rest. It is a bittersweet decision but after 220 shows, 57 cities, 26 states, 7 tours, 5 EPs, 3 LPs, 2 vans and 1 kitten we have an end in sight. We’ve met amazing people along the way and gotten to play with incredible, inspiring bands. We will be performing some last shows and have one final tour planned in October. After that we will play one last show in Chicago to be determined sometime in the fall/winter. We will be recording one last EP that will be available digitally and will have some sort of physical representation of said recording at our final show. Thanks to everyone that made the band possible, we’ve truly learned that you can’t do-it-yourself without the support and love of others. It’s been a blast.”

The time for a farewell is now. Geronimo! are set to release their final recordings, Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol. 4 – Why Did You Leave Me?, a set of three songs determined to tear the remaining paint from the walls over aggressive bursts of shredding guitars, stampeding rhythms, and dynamic shifts. Geronimo!’s time together is rapidly coming to a close, but they’re not going out without a fight. Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol. 4 – Why Did You Leave Me? will be out March 31st via Exploding In Sound Records (Pile, Krill, Ovlov).

The band will celebrate their time together with one last show, set for Saturday, March 28th at Beat Kitchen in Chicago with their friends and peers Meat Wave, Vaya, Foul Tip, and Velocicopter. Tickets are available HERE.
Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol. 4 – Why Did You Leave Me? tracklist:

1. They Put a Hook Inside of Me
2. Low Fruit on the Vine
3. Fires of Hell

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