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GUIDES ‘Abstract Mind’ coming out September 25

Thomas Bellflower September 3, 2015

Building on the momentum of their self-titled 2014 debut 7”, Los Angeles post-rock band GUIDES push into new territory with their latest, a five song EP entitled Abstract Mind.


“Pictures On Pictures” SoundCloud

With deep roots in a DIY aesthetic, every aspect of the EP was devised by the band themselves, with Guitarist/Vocalist Chris Cogswell, Drummer Jayson Larson and Bassist/vocalist Be Hussey building the tunes on the back of self-booked touring and tireless hours spent in Hussey’s independently owned recording studio comp-ny.

While the experimental melodies and dense walls of sonic texture that made up their 7” were a strong start, Abstract Mind hones in on those beginnings and takes them from esoteric explorations into blunt, perfectly articulated songs. A notably more in-depth eye on production results in unexpected blasts of shoegaze guitar somewhere between a dream and an attack on driving, restless tunes like “Long Face” and burning post-punk vibes of “Pictures On Pictures” that fall somewhere between the Pop Group and Lee Renaldo’s stream-of-consciousness contributions to Sonic Youth.

Layers of sonic fuzz toe the line between warm and dangerous throughout Abstract Mind, offering a beautiful and engaging struggle between melody and sharpness, with Cogswell’s dream-like lyrics complimenting the frenetic energy. As Cogswell explains, “I wanted to write lyrics that went well with the expansive music we were making, including melody that is familiar…you know, the kind of melody that can only be heard while dreaming. That was my goal. It’s our way of saying ‘This way, into the Abstract Mind.’

Fall Dates 2015

09.18•The Bancroft (Spring Valley, CA)
09.22•The Prospector (Long Beach, CA)
09.24•The Trip (Venice, CA)
10.01•Harvard & Stone (Los Angeles, CA Record Release Show)
10.02•The Balboa (San Diego, CA)
10.09•The Holland Project (Reno, NV)
10.10•B Ryders (Bakersfield, CA)
10.16•Daytrotter Session (San Francisco, CA)
10.17•Great Day Fresno – Fox 26 Live On-Air (Fresno, CA)
10.17•Summer Sweat Block Party (Fresno, CA)

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