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Instant Empire Release Second Single “Mind The Gap”

Thomas Bellflower May 22, 2015

Denver-Indie Rockers Instant Empire Releases Second Single from upcoming release
Lamplight Lost, due June 23

“Mind The Gap” (via Surviving The Golden Age)

The inspiration for Instant Empire’s second single “Mind The Gap” comes from a London love story that hit the news in the spring of 2013. Theatre actor Oswald Laurence was the voice used for the “mind the gap” announcement in the Transport for London underground rail system for over 40 years prior to 2013. After his death in 2007, his wife Margaret McCollum would make frequent visits to the station in order to hear her late husband’s voice. When the station replaced Laurence’s voice in 2013, McCollum asked the station for a copy of the original recording. The London Underground director was touched by her story and decided to return Laurence’s announcement to one of the stations. The story also touched Instant Empire and influenced the lyrical themes of the track. “Mind The Gap” features pieces of the train station love story in lines like “I’m a passenger here come to visit you dear, it’s been so many years.” You can read more about the inspiration behind “Mind The Gap” on BBC.

For the past four years, Denver-based indie rockers, Instant Empire, have been creating music with aspirations as big as their unique sound. While most IE songs are anthemic and rowdy enough to make for a raw and energetic live experience, the literate lyrics and musical complexity begs for repeated listens at home on the couch. Instant Empire’s brand of aggressive indie rock has drawn comparisons to The Hold Steady, The National, Manchester Orchestra and Bright Eyes.

Thematically, IE’s songs relate to the zeitgeist: our struggle to overcome isolation, to connect with others, and to find meaning in our chaotic lives. The band’s sound appeals to a broad audience, but the group is unafraid to experiment sonically. Songs are highlighted by a tight rhythm section, melodically rich guitar interplay, dark synth underpinnings, and vocals that are at once urgent and passionate.


Instant Empire’s debut full-length album, Lamplight Lost (2015), was recorded and produced by John Vanderslice (Spoon, Death Cab for Cutie, Mountain Goats) at Tiny Telephone Recording in San Francisco and Jonathan Low (The War on Drugs, The National, Kurt Vile) at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia. Lamplight Lost comes on the heels of three previously released EPs – Instant Empire (2011); Heavy Hollow (2012); and Keep Up! (2013) – and demonstrates the band’s remarkable growth as both songwriters and musicians. Instant Empire was also recently chosen to record a single for the Grow Music Project, a non-profit organization spearheaded by acclaimed TV/film composer and producer, Chris Tyng.
The new album, Lamplight Lost, is set to drop June 23rd, 2015

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