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Monogold shares new single

Thomas Bellflower

New Single/Video in Advance of September’s Good Heavens.

NEW Monogold “Orchard Beach”
(via Stereogum )

Monogold “Pink Lemonade”
(via PopMatters)


In the past, words like “synth”, “samples”, and “electronic” have always followed Brooklyn-based trio Monogold.  With their 2014 EP This Bloom, descriptions like these have unfortunately gone above and beyond the blogosphere and have stuck in the minds of reviewers and listeners alike. Unbeknownst to most, Monogold’s signature foundational-layers of lush textures and ambiance have always been, and will probably continue to be, the product of the tireless manipulation of the organic sounds of guitars, vocals, percussion, and vintage organs and pianos.

Keith Kelly, Jared Apuzzo, and Michael Falotico have decided to flip all of these preconceived notions on their head with the release of their new LP Good Heavens, due out August 21.  What started off as a three-song acoustic demo recorded at Keith’s apartment, the band slowly added their signature lush, dreamy layers, only this time with the warm sounds of a grand piano,  an assortment of woodwinds and brass, and even a harp that almost didn’t fit up the stairwell of Keith’s apartment.

The harp fit, the woodwinds painted the dreamscape, and the Monogold boys quickly realized that they had much more on their hands then just a three-song demo EP.  Though a departure of sorts from their signature shoe-gaze/indie/psyche/pop records of the past, Monogold’s stamp is apparent from the first warm notes of acoustic guitar on “Mega Flora” to Keith Kelly’s moving vocal on album closer “Good Heavens”.

Monogold doesn’t want you to think that they’re a different band now.  Although… they’ve certainly taken on a different shape.  One might even consider Good Heavens to be a rebirth for the band, as they are already back in the studio tracking for yet another full length record.

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