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Panteros666 shares music video for “Clear” Feat. Woodkid

Thomas Bellflower


Bromance producer, visual artist, and Club cheval member Panteros666 is proud to release a new EP with Woodkid. Clear features the title track of the same name as well as remixes from Chambray, ARME, and Kodiak. To celebrate the release, Panteros666 is also sharing the music video for “Clear” which was co-directed by Panteros666 and renowned art and film director Ines Marzat as new directing duo Ines & Victor. The video synthesizes the natural landscape with the magic of 3D technology, immersing the viewer in a world that is at once familiar and sublime.

It’s uncommon to find an artist with such a holistic approach to his work but Panteros666 is that rare breed. Not content to merely create new music, he also creates unique visual habitats in which the music exists. Inspired by Caspar Friedrich, the 19th century king of contemplative and romantic painting, and Roland Topor, the man who imagined the sci-fi/surrealist french movie “La Planète Rouge”, Panteros666 has created a utopia for young ravers in his new video for “Clear” feat. Woodkid. In his own words;

“The video depicts a connection between a beautiful natural landscape and the magic of 3D technology. I wanted to unite the best of both worlds: the real and the virtual. It shows a young raver who is fascinated by the possibility of utopias in a similar way to how house and techno inspired me. I’d love electronic music to remain a means of escape, something extraordinary and avant-garde; feeling that we’re working for the future, not just waiting for it to come.”

Watch the music video for “Clear” ft. Woodkid below and check out the full EP on sale now via Bromance Records.


WATCH: “Clear” Ft. Woodkid ––nSoLaE4PA

About Panteros666: 

In 2013 Panteros666, topped the Beatport and iTunes France charts with ‘Baby F-16’, released on Bromance Records. An instant club classic anthem rooted in tomorrow’s techno techniques, the track was unanimously played on BBC1 Radio where it was praised by Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, Pete Tong and Annie Nightingale.

With his singular blue hair, Victor Watel (aka Panteros666), is Club cheval’s Parisan-based producer extroadinaire. Born and raised in the north of France, right at the center of what geographs call the ‘Megalopole Européenne’ aka ‘Blue Banana’ interlinking Belgium, UK, Germany, Italy and Holland. With an innate knack for synthesing a wide range of influences from Euro to American and house, his take on club music merges the lines between anthemic melodies and fully experimental soundscapes.

Releasing his first EP in 2011 on Sound Pellegrino with the intention to produce vanguard tracks, he followed suit with his critically revered Hyper Reality 7 track mini-album on Bromance Records, which defined the Panteros666’s trademark club & pop sounds.

For Panteros666, techno is not just music, but a multi-faceted utopia. He directs all of his visuals and web experiments with collaborator Ines Marzat. In 2014, Panteros666 and his 3D squad teamed up with VICE’s Creators Project to create his own augmented reality techno: “Hyper Reality Live show”, utilizing Kinect technologies and state-of-the-art computer programming to give life to a live alternate reality dedicated to Panteros666’s world and audience. First showcased at Paris’s Google Creative Box, Panteros666 is working on the latest version of his interactive performance for “Hyper Reality II”.

This exciting digi-world crafted by Panteros666 has seen him perform over 50 interactive live shows around the globe including Paris’ Olympia, Dour Festival, Boiler Room, Bugged Out London, Holy Ship, Calvi On The Rocks, SummerSonic Tokyo, Rock En Seine, Eurockéennes de Belfort, Scopitone Festival, Stereosonic Australia, Quito Festival, SOMA Festival Colombia and countless DJ sets alone or with his fellow Club cheval members Canblaster, Myd and Sam Tiba.

His current procects include “Clear”, a collaboration with Woodkid on a brand new Panteros666 track for Bromance Records, as well as the release of Club cheval’s debut album on Parlophone Records and Warner Bros. in the US.

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