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Paul Oakenfold presents 25 Years of Perfecto Records

Thomas Bellflower March 20, 2015

The track list says it all……..

Not only reading as a catalogue of colossal, genre defining hits but also acting as a reminder of just how big a contribution to the evolution of electronic music Perfecto Records has made since its inception back in 1989.

Founded by 3 x Grammy nominated and former DJ Mag # 1 DJ, producer and former Champion Records A&R man Paul Oakenfold – Perfecto began at a time when house music, rave culture and the Balearic scene were all in full bloom in the UK.

Since its first release – Izit ‘Stories’ – Perfecto went on to release the music of countless headliners of the future including Carl Cox, David Guetta, BT, Man with No Name, Timo Maas, Tiësto, Grooverider and many more. It of course also served as a platform for Oakenfold and his many guises including Grace and Planet Perfecto to present his exciting, fresh sounds to the world. And it was his pioneering writing, production style and sound that would lead to Grammy nominations and numerous high profile co-writing and remix jobs with the likes of Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Azealia Banks, U2, The Happy Mondays………the list goes on.

And here, nearly three decades and 10 million record sales later, this iconic label continues to thrive with a new line up of exciting young talent – all making fresh melodic music from house to breaks, trance to EDM for the famous P shield that hangs on the wall at Perfecto’s UK offices.

25 years of Perfecto Records is an album that tells an epic story….
….a story that will excite those that were part of it and educate those that were not.‘Bullet in The Gun’, Not Over Yet’, ‘Southern Sun’, ‘Finally’, ‘Vavoom’, ‘Café Del Mar’………every track a household name within the wider music industry.

Try to think how many labels are still running today that were there when it started?

How many labels have experienced the full transition from an underground illegal scene right through to the commercialised pop market known as EDM today?

What label can release an album that spans the entire timeline of the dance scene’s existence – only picking music from its own back catalogue?

When recently asked in an interview to try and sum up his three decade long career in just one word – Paul Oakenfold smiled and responded “Perfecto”.

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