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Pavo Pavo Premieres “Ran Ran Run” in Advance of Release

Thomas Bellflower May 5, 2015
Pavo Pavo – “Ran Ran Run”
Pavo Pavo is an experimental pop band from Brooklyn, NY. Their debut record, Young Narrator in the Breakers, will be released in 2015. The band started writing together while studying music at Yale, and since then its five members have collaborated with indie and classical luminaries such as Luke Temple, Roomful of Teeth, Dave Longstreth, and San Fermin.
Young Narrator in the Breakers walks through its songs with symphonic elegance – guitar stabs, washed out harmonies, and rumbling synthesizers come and go like guests at a party. A breaker is a wave whose potential energy is being transformed into turbulent kinetic energy; the subject matter is the magic and panic of adult life. It is a romantic record in the tradition of Elephant 6, and a cohesive record in the tradition of Grizzly Bear. It’s our pleasure to introduce: Pavo Pavo.


The debut single “Ran Ran Run” / “Annie Hall” is set to drop May 18th, 2015.

Single release show is set for May 22nd at Mercury Lounge, with Sam Cohen.

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