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PEACERS Drops A New Video

Thomas Bellflower July 10, 2015


PEACERS is here! The new band of San Fran’s chronic son Mike Donovan (Big Techno Werewolves, The Ropers, Yikes and really, Sic Alps, man!), already dropped a killer track to let us know they’re coming, – but before the album actually HITS, dig a video too! From the psyche-mind of director Jim Drain comes a kaleidoscopic vision set to the tune of PEACERS‘ candy-coated rock and roller, “Laze It“! A fractured surf mini, the vid pictures all the thrills and chills of the beach, with effusive spring breakers and laid back surfers alike swirling in the swells – but seen from within the black mirror, where citizens walk the shores with their eyes glued to their smart devices and attention spans are split into tiny frags so short, you can’t even catch a whole freakin’ wave anymore! The world is turning – and we hope it don’t turn away. These images pair tastily with “Laze It,” which has more licks than a tootsie pop and is the perfect mix of sunlight juice and concrete dust. This is all in the preview plan: “Laze It” has the sweet and sour Popsicle melodies to keep you comin’ back for more PEACERS! So go ahead, take the free sample and enjoy – just like a chunk of chocolate fudge, once you get a taste, you’ll just want to put the whole thing in your mouth.


Glide on over to Stereogum to read an exclusive interview with Mike D and check out the new video for “Laze It“! Thanks PEACERS!


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