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Stream Abandoned Delta’s debut album

Thomas Bellflower June 5, 2015
Album Stream
Abandoned Delta – 
East Nashville-based Indie Americana group Abandoned Delta are pleased to announce the release of their self-titled debut record.
The band wanted to put out a document of songs with no names or production credits attached because “Music is oft-times clouded in politics, over-branding and marketing manifestos that present stories other than the ones the songs tell. Who cares who wrote and performed on it or what label it’s on? If it connects with the listener, then the job is done. There should be no other filters preventing that from happening.
The record is available to stream via Soundcloud and Bandcamp
Abandoned Delta
Abandoned Delta

1. Black Car
2. I Never Lived In New Orleans
3. I Am Gold
4. Tulsa
5. My Heart’s An Open Road
6. Best Of Health
7. Cause And Effect
8. Lungs (Townes Van Zandt)
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