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The Gods Themselves drop “Stop/Listen”

Thomas Bellflower August 28, 2015

CMJ premiered The Gods Themselves‘ “Stop/Listen,”

Pink Noise, Out on October 2nd. 

Listen to “Stop/Listen” HERE.


The Gods Themselves are the last band out of Seattle at the End of the World. The trio’s journey to the stars began in March 2014. Band members Astra Elane and Collin O’Meara knew each other from Atomic Bride, a band they formed in 2007, while Dustin Patterson was performing with The Connerys. As each of them had been thirsting for fresh magic and a new challenge, they decided to combine their powers. Aiming to improve as instrumentalists, songwriters, and humans, they transformed into The Gods Themselves.

The supernatural supergroup’s sound glints with soul, edge, and groove. Cosmically linked, the trinity is prepared to usher in a rapturous new age. It is there, says Astra, that they “will blow your ear’s mind.”
As Astra drives her wah-wah guitar into the sun, Collin kicks the disco-wave beat and Dustin digs to the center of the earth with his Baritone guitar. Astra and Dustin also sing like Saturn’s rings. The unspoken fourth member of the band is space, providing lusty breaks and pendant pauses. This musical mixture turns moons into disco balls and ethereal planes into dance floors.

“Movement is what it’s all about,” says Astra. “You’re sensing the song more with your body than with your mind because The Gods Themselves give you room to feel the sounds.”

Their sophomore release, Pink Noise, is set to be released on October 2nd. The album was mixed by Steve Fisk (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Low, The Posies).


2. Stop/Listen
3. Pink Champagne
4. Tell Me
5. Hercules
6. Electricity
7. Your Eyes
8. Higher Places
9.Love and Television
10. You’re The One That I Want (GREASE COVER)
11. Bubblegum (hidden track)

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