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UK Hip Hop is ruling our office playlist and there is one artist you need to know…

admin August 26, 2015

The MOVEMENT offices are often filled with the sounds of the most diverse song playlists anywhere. We listen to hundreds of hours of new music a month and cover everything from Goth to indie, electronica to neo-folk, rocka-a-billy to rap. But one of my personal favorite styles is UK hip hop. These guys hold down this style like no one else on the planet. My first in this fandom was many years ago when I interviewed Mike Skinner of the The STREETS. He hooked me and it stuck. More recently I’ve gotten into the twisted tunes from Stig of the Dump (whose lyrics stand unrivaled for me) and from listening to him I got turned on to a string of other artists like Plan B, Dr. Syntax, Jack Jetson, Jehst and a slew of amazing artists attached to the HIGH FOCUS Records label like Dirty Dike, The Four Owls, Dead Players, Leaf Dog, and Fliptrix. But one artist I just haven’t been able to get enough of is LUNAR C.

‘Contradict’ has quickly become one of my favorite tracks from LUNAR C which has been on repeat for the last couple of days. Though not new (posted to YouTube in 2013), it’s new to us. Even better we’ve had the pleasure of sorting back through all the battle raps on YouTube where he crushed opponents and rose to fame.

Hear for yourself and drop yer jaws in awe at the best of his DON’T FLOP battles here …

Fucking brilliant.

– Max Michaels / MOVEMENT publisher



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