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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Ryan Dolby March 24, 2016

Review by The Reel Report

The highly anticipated showdown between the greatest superheroes is finally here and sadly Zack Snyder learned nothing from the mistakes of Man of Steel. So if you enjoyed that movie, you’ll probably like this. This movie is a mixture of awesome and terrible. I didn’t hate this movie but I do have serious problems with it.
Let’s start off with what really worked and that would be Batman. Ben Affleck might be one of the best Batman’s ever to appear on film. His version of the bat is rugged, brute, and is super pissed at the Man of Steel. The reasoning for why he wants to fight Superman is believable and honestly feels as if Snyder would rather have just made a solo Batman movie. The character isn’t without his problems though, with several nightmare sequences that don’t really work and the fact that Batman is a straight up murderer is a little unsettling.

Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman is fine but his character’s growth isn’t that significant from the first film. It’s also hard to believe that nobody can tell that Clarke Kent is Superman. In previous iterations at least Clark Kent would change his personality. He falls victim to becoming a supporting character in his own movie. This leaves Lois Laine’s role amounting to nothing more than a damsel in distress that constantly needs to be saved. Amy Adams deserves so much more.

Jesse Eisenberg can be entertaining at certain moments and nails on a chalkboard the next. His version of Lex Luther is very different from what the audience is use to, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The problem is that the shift in his personality from genius to crazy scientist doesn’t work. He’s the guy pulling all the strings and for that to transpire on screen the audience has to be on board with the villain.
Lastly Wonder Woman is great. She doesn’t steal the movie by any means, but she works really well. I was skeptical of Gal Gadot entering this because she isn’t that strong of an actress. Thankfully I’m not as worried about her standalone film now. It’s worth noting that Wonder Woman and Superman don’t exchange a single word.

Now the fight between Batman and Superman is pretty cool and well shot when it’s not all CGI. It’s not particularly long and takes forever to finally happen. The end results are also slightly underwhelming, but when the fists start flying it’s the most fun you’ll have in the movie.
Having fun is probably the biggest problem with the film. This is more of a political/psychological drama with superheroes. We already got this movie in the form of Watchmen seven years ago.

So at the end of the day Zack Snyder is to blame. The pacing is off and the movie feels about twenty minutes to long.(Can’t wait for the 3hr directors cut) He is single handily holding the DC universe back. He is a terrible storyteller and only knows how to make shots look good. That only happens when he’s not too busy blowing everything up to smithereens. He made this mistake in Man of Steel, corrected it in beginning of this one, just to blow it up again with Doomsday. He has always been style over substance, and will continue to be for the rest of his career. It really sucks that he’s in charge of the Justice League movie. I’m sure he’ll blow up the entire planet in that one.

Without going into spoilers,(The trailers do that themselfs) I just want to briefly touch on the third act which is a trainwreck. They shoehorned Doomsday into this movie just so our heroes have a common enemy to fight. The results of this are unsatisfying and nothing more than a CGI brawl of complete garbage. Doomsday looks terrible and the movie would have been better off if he wasn’t in it. Lastly the way they try to set up future Justice League characters is one of the laziest things I have ever seen.

I know this review is mostly negative but as fan of Batman and superhero’s in general I left the theater disappointed. The movie is still worth a watch for Ben Affleck’s version of Batman and some great action scenes that are sporadically in this movie. I truly believe if a more skilled director had the opportunity to make this, it could have been up there with anyone of the Dark Knight films. Zack Snyder is cancer to this series and needs to be terminated.

6 out of 10 Reels

-Ben Affleck’s version of Batman
-Wonder Woman

-Pacing Problems
-Dream Sequences
-Stupid Character Decisions
-Zack Snyder

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