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Captain America: Civil War Review

Ryan Dolby

Review by The Reel Report

This is the 13th Marvel movie released in this cinematic universe and it easily deserves a spot in the top 5 Marvel movies made. Captain America had a rough start with the First Avenger, but that was fixed by the fantastic sequel The Winter Solider. I personally think Civil War is the best Captain America movie to date and contains the best super hero fight scene ever. Before we dive into that lets talk a little more about the movie.
As far as Marvel movies go, this is a far more mature subject matter and it works flawlessly. At the same time the film doesn’t loose any of it’s Marvel humor. It’s great film making when you have jaw dropping action and your laughing at the same time. The addition of Ant-man and Spider-man interacting with the rest of the avengers is probably the best part. Black Panther is also a nice addition and provides some much needed diversity to the team.
This might be the best portrayal of Spider-man yet. Tom Holland is hilarious, nerdy, and as witty as he’s suppose to be in this and it’s just perfect. The chemistry between him and Robert Downey Jr. has me really looking forward to Spider-man Homecoming.
The film does a great job showing each side of the conflict and it’s hard to choose a side. So when our heroes fight it’s glorious. It’s so great that it does take a little bit out of the third act of the film.

The only nitpicks I have with this movie and one of them being a classic Marvel problem is its villain. Zemo is just there to further the plot along and never really adds any menacing element to the film. It’s as if the movie could have been even better without him. The film tends to jump around frantically in the beginning and I understand how large of an ensemble cast this is, but with location words coming onscreen every five minutes it can be a little jarring. Lastly, the 3D was completely unnecessary.

If you wanted to see super heroes brawl, this is the far superior film.

9 out of 10 Reels

-That Battle
-Ant-man and Spider-man
-Mature Story

-3D unnecessary

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