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Keanu Review

Ryan Dolby

Review by The Reel Report

Key and Peel are known for their television show and various appearances as side characters in terrible movies. Now they teamed up again for their big screen depute. You could go into this movie and never even heard of Key & Peel and enjoy this.
The laughs come frequently and there are several gags in this that had me almost in tears. This film has heart and that’s due to the amazing chemistry between the two of them. The characters have arcs and motives the audience can get behind. The supporting cast is also solid, with a surprisingly well acted role from Method Man.

The few flaws I have with this film are all pretty minor. Some scenes dragged on too long and that messed with the pacing a little bit. The other being that there are unanswered questions and resolutions that don’t add up at the end of the film. This is a fun comedy romp and clean be forgiven for it’s little mistakes.
Last but not least lets talk about Keanu, the cat himself. This cat is adorable and has hilarious moments throughout the film. This film is defiantly worth a trip to the theater and I look forward to Key & Peel’s future films!

8 out of 10 Reels

– Chemistry
– Hilarious
– Keanu

-Unexplained answers
-Some scenes last too long

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