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London Has Fallen Review

Ryan Dolby February 26, 2016

I was a fan of the first film “Olympus Has Fallen”. I felt that it struck the right cord while watching. It was violent, the action crazy, and the plot was silly. This all added up to be a really entertaining turn your brain off popcorn film.
Small gripe is that the movie wanted to give a realis
Fast forward three years and now we have an unnecessary sequel. Expectations were hoping for more of the same that I previously enjoyed and to a certain extent it delivered just that. The film hits familiar beats from the first film to a point its a little tiresome. The beginning of the film raises the stakes for the characters and ask’s you to remember people like Gerard Butler’s wife who’s now pregnant. The cliche of wanting to retire is there also.

The first twenty minutes of this film is painfully slow, but once the action starts it never stops. The terrorist strike just like they did in the first film except now we are in London. The resemblance is uncanny. The action scenes are jam packed with each one as crazy as the next but this time around it doesn’t feel as special.
How many times can the president be obtained and threatened to be assassinated live?
For the most part, Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart have great chemistry together. The one lines mostly hit and are quite funny. Worth noting Morgan Freeman is in the film for about five minutes.

tic vibe so every official, general, or prime minister is given a title graphic in the bottom of the screen and it becomes really jarring. Do I really need to know the name of the prime minister that’s in the movie for thirty seconds?

The special effects are decent. Helicopter crashes and laser bullets in firefight scenes look odd.
At the end of the day, this is a rehash of the first film at a slightly lesser quality. If your looking for your Gerard Butler fix at the movies watch this definitely over Gods of Egypt.

6 out of 10 Reels

-Some Solid Action
-Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart Chemistry
-One liners that hit
-Painfully Slow Start
-Rehash’s beats from first film
-Too silly at times(aka helicopter crash)

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