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Warcraft Review

Ryan Dolby June 8, 2016

Review by Ryan Dolby of The Reel Report

Went into the screening on a quest to find a fun fantasy epic. Atlas, I did not.

Now lets get one thing straight, Warcraft, is not anywhere close to being the disaster the critics are making this film out to be. The film is crafted well and Duncan Jone’s vision can be seen in some parts of the movie.

Let’s start with the positive being the gorgeous cgi and special affects that really helped bring the world to life. The orcs looked fantastic and when they were fighting you could really get a sense of their strength and brutality. The action set pieces were fine enough to keep my interest for the duration of the film. There also was some pretty cool shots when the camera was pulled all the way back and you can see the full scale of the mayhem happening.

One of the biggest problems this movie faced was pacing problems. The film drags for the first half of the movie and not having the knowledge of the Warcraft universe is a tall task for the filmmaker to convey in a 2 hour movie. At the end of the day it felt as if I started season 4 episode 5 of Game of Thrones as my first episode and hit the ground running. The film also grazes past explaining things, an example being when young sorcerer goes up to some wizard counsel. It just expects the audience to roll with it and never fully explains whats going on up there.

The characters in the movie for the most part are all one dimensional and your suppose to feel for them. The humans fail to convey those emotions, but luckily the Orcs are great. Toby Kebbell’s portrayal of Durotan carries the most weight and really the only character I could get behind.

I’ll also give the film credit for taking risks and killing off main characters. This is refreshing and makes the battles actually seem dangerous.
This is clearly intended to generate more sequels and at the end of the day I would still be interested in seeing further stories in this universe. This time hopefully with a better paced and acted story.

5 out of 10 Reels

-Awesome CGI
-Takes Risks
-Badass Gryphon

-Human Characters
-First Half feels like the equivalent of farming for good scenes

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