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Zootopia Review

Ryan Dolby March 9, 2016

Disney Animation continues to knock it outta the park. Zootopia kept a smile on my face for almost the entirety of its runtime. The characters are heartfelt and draw the audience in.
Jason Batemen as the sly fox is perfectly voiced and equally matched by Ginnifer Godwin who plays Judy Hopps. The ensemble cast also stand out especially Idris Elba and JK Simmons.
zootopia sloth
It’s worth noting that Shakira is also in the film and is probably the most unnecessary character in the film. Feels like all Disney was trying to sell a soundtrack and honestly the songs only okay.

The animation is beautiful and the design of the world was really cool. It’s neat to see how giraffes, mice, and other species would coexist. The jokes were meta, sometimes very adult, and most importantly always hilarious.

It’s great for a film to have such a positive message for children and Zootopia’s stance on having everyone get along is really relevant nowadays.
The story hits all the right notes and feelings and is enjoyable time for movie fans of all ages.

9 out of 10 Reels

-Jason Batemen
-Interesting World
-Beautiful Animation

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