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Jurassic World review

admin June 13, 2015


Jurassic World, a spiritual successor to the first Jurassic Park, does not disappoint. Twenty two years later the doors to the park are now open and we get to revisit and explore John Hammond’s (Richard Attenborough 1923-2014) original vision and we are amazed.

The story was all around good with minor but noticeable flaws but not without major resemblances to the first Jurassic Park’s story structure. The movie had great visuals and stunning scenes. The CGI effects were standard for 2015 but not ground breakingly impressive. The animatronics seemed like a must in any Jurassic Park movie and we were happy to see them return.

The acting  however was passable, but not great. We felt that there could have been more, considering the star studded cast. There was no connection with some of the characters, so in a way it pulled us out of some of the emotion they were trying to portray. Considering the fame of Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) we felt he could have done more with the character, however the rest of the cast had similar problems.

Alongside the main stars we loved the side characters in the movie, having a real personality and funny moments. Our two favorite character performed by Vincent D’Onofrio (Men in Black, Daredevil “2015”, Full Metal Jacket) and Jake Johnson (New Girl, Lets Be Cops, The Lego Movie) gave an excellent performances. Although some of the “Throw Backs” and “Easter Eggs” were at times forced, we enjoyed that they showed some love and paid homage the first film.

Jurassic World does what any monster movie should do with the “Less is more” factor and keeps the dinosaur mostly hidden for a majority of the film but when you finally do see it, it is completely worth it. The movie kept Hammond’s legacy alive by recognizing and mentioning him often (which gave us a warm feeling in our hearts). But most of all we appreciated all the great dinosaurs both new and several that they brought back from the first movie, including the film’s staple dino, T-REX.

The Park itself (minus the carnage) looked like a lot of fun. Hopefully one day an expansion of the Jurassic Park section of Universal Islands of Adventure will allow us to ride around in gyrospheres and interact with our choice of holographic dinos!

Jurassic World is this generation’s Jurassic Park and is already gaining new ones by the minute while warming the hearts of die-hard fans. Leave your disbelief at the door and strap in for a wild adventure ride.


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Kathy Lukehart, Isaak Wells, Andrew Joyce and Max Michaels


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