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GAAM is only 50 days away!

GAAM is only 50 days away!

Get your tickets or Voltron can’t stop dancing. EVER. At first you might think, ” Voltron dancing forever? That’s awesome!”. Wrong. If Volton is dancing, nobody is defending the universe, and now everybody’s dead. All because you didn’t get your tickets. [...]

June 24, 2016 Culture

GAAM – It is time to assemble

On July 25th, GAAMvengers, ASSEMBLE! Each GAAM Show, we get together and assemble some of the most talented cosplayers, designers, models, photographers, and videographers to create the GAAM Fashion X Cosplay Shoot and Exhibit. Show your support of the heroes [...]

June 4, 2015 Arts, Culture, Features, Nerd News, Social