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Astari Nite News: NEW album – “Until the End of the Moon”

admin May 13, 2016



Listen to “Until the End of the Moon” on Bandcamp 
Astari Nite’s new album, Until the End of the Moon, evokes the early melodies of Manchester’s post punk sound. The LP, out today via Dance Macabre Records (Berlin) is the second full length to be released by the Miami band.


The songs included in Until the End of the Moon consolidate Astari Nite’s search for a sound that with deep vocals, dramatic bass lines and nostalgic guitars combines the depth of goth with the speed and flexibility of indie rock.


“I find Until the End of the Moon to be quite compelling. The maturity of the album resonates throughout and I personally feel that the listener will have a strong image of what in fact is being spoken upon,” says lead singer Mychael Ghost.

The band kicked off their East Coast tour last week with a powerful show at Respectable Street in West Palm Beach, and will be performing tonight at Kill Your Idol, Miami. In support of the album Astari Nite will perform in New York City, Charlotte  and Orlando among others.   

Track list

1. Engagement Ceremony
2. Endless Night
3. Useless Vow
4.  Joyful Wish
5. Non- Disclosure Agreement
6. She Casts Spells
7. Time Hangs On Your Fingertips
8. Always Like Yesterday
9. Imaginary World
10. Until The End Of The Moon



May 18th- (Jacksonville, FL.) Astari Nite with special guests Ursula Ruffians at Jack Rabbits

May 20th – (Brooklyn, NY.) Astari Nite / Weep / Turbo Goth / Autodrone at The Gateway

May 21st- (Brooklyn, NY.) Dinowalrus / Heaven / Astari Nite / Baby Acid at SUNNYVALE

May 22nd- (Philadelphia) Astari Nite with E. Joseph and the Sparrows / Stellarcope / Hidden Lights @ KUNGFU NECKTIE

May 25th- (Charlotte, NC.) ASTARI NITE + ASTREA CORP + TENDERLASH + IIOIOIOII @ The Milestone

May 26th- (Grenville, SC.) Air Wolves w/ Astari Nite and People of Mars at The Radio Room

May 27th- (St.Petersburg, FL.) COMMUNION AFTER DARK presents ASTARI NITE with special guests GHOSTFEEDER & DJ MAUS at THE AMSTERDAM

May 28th- (Orlando, FL.) ASTARI NITE // Ars Phoenix // Ghostfeeder // DJ Nick M // DJ LAVIDICUS at Will’s Pub

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