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The Weekend Classic in Orlando [review]


Recently I had the chance to see The Weekend Classic in Orlando, and it was well worth the wait. After getting to meet them a few months ago while they were passing through town, I knew I would need to see them perform soon. Although the venue wasn’t necessarily ideal, and the crowd was a little scarce, I had fun and found 3 other bands to listen to regularly.


Usually, playing in a local bar can lead to a great show but unfortunately this bar didn’t have great sound for loud and fast music. Although the sound wasn’t perfect, and there was just barely enough space for all the gear and musicians, everyone performing seemed to have fun.



Personally, one of my favorite times to see musicians is towards the end of the tour, and with only 2 other stops left this is definitely towards the end of their tour. There is nothing better than bands pranking each other and having fun messing with each other as much as possible. Just during this show, fake mosh pits were made in the cramped space, guitar picks were stolen, dramatic serenades occurred, and spontaneous T-Pain covers kept them all entertained. With a small crowd and no pressure to be perfect performers, the guys all had fun just being themselves and hanging out with their friends.



With the release of their new song ‘Mutual Interest’ off their upcoming album “Better Health,” The Weekend Classic are working hard to get their new music noticed by as many people as possible. Just recently their music video for ‘Mutual Interest’ premiered, and it is a perfect way to get everyone excited for the album. If the aesthetic for the album is anything like the video, I believe they will have an amazing album worthy of all kinds of attention. Personally, I can’t wait for the full album and I’m excited to see where it takes these amazing guys.



By Sheridon Chaney

MOVEMENT Magazine / Orlando


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