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1. How did the band originally get formed and how did the sound evolve to what it is today?  Skyview formed in 2007 in a little town called Bonifay FL (near Tallahassee) by a group of college friends trying to combine modern aviation themes within their original music. The result was the first record : “The Sound of [...]

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Cry for the Bad Man movie review

Avid readers of Movement Magazine recently may be aware that I did my first prerelease piece on a local film- this would be the thriller Cry for the Bad Man. In my experiences preparing for the article, I was able to reach out to the directors and even the star Ms. Camille Keaton- so much [...]

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Phukheadz 3000

Local artist/promoter Byron Brown has for years been indoctrinating friends and celebrities into the LOOP, a group lucky enough to be gifted one of his small pear-shaped custom character sculptures. Brown has just completed the landmark 3000th sculpt in the series (on our suggestion it is his self portrait) and to celebrate is having a [...]

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Chris Corner of IAMX has no time for the nostalgia industry or the social media zeitgeist industry. Corner’s into deep sonic auteur territory now; he’s starting to remind me of Orson Welles, in that he played the industry game once with Sneaker Pimps and now it’s going to be obscure, personal albums with IAMX from now on. Corner [...]

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WHO IS CONNING WHO As anyone who knows me or my 22 years publishing MOVEMENT and supporting the Jacksonville scene, you know how much I love this city and have tirelessly dedicated my time, finances, blood, sweat, tears, and sanity to the betterment of this city’s entertainment scene. For the most part, it is a [...]

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