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1. How did the band originally get formed and how did the sound evolve to what it is today?  Skyview formed in 2007 in a little town called Bonifay FL (near Tallahassee) by a group of college friends trying to combine modern aviation [...]

May 12, 2019 Features


Brendan talks to Lester Mcneely, Professional Clown Many of those who attended the recent Homecoming event at the University of North Florida were treated to rides and food trucks as the stars of the night- but others found a rather [...]

May 12, 2019 Magazine

Cry for the Bad Man movie review

Avid readers of Movement Magazine recently may be aware that I did my first prerelease piece on a local film- this would be the thriller Cry for the Bad Man. In my experiences preparing for the article, I was able [...]

May 12, 2019 Magazine

A Holiday of Horrors- Christmas at Warehouse 31: Unleashed

There’s always something about the holiday season that brings people together to enjoy everything that it embodies. All of us have our unique holiday traditions- from hanging up stockings to decorating the christmas tree or lighting the menorah. But as [...]

December 18, 2018 theNEWS


Whether or not you believe in multiverse theory, you do have to admit that as in idea it’s kind of cool- the thought of millions of versions of yourself, each making different choices and walking different paths of life. It’s [...]

December 12, 2018 Uncategorized

Ralph Breaks the Internet review

Building a film around product placement is often a risky move. Without an extremely experienced and talented team at the helm, the finished product can come off as a cheap cash grab with no effort made to become anything other [...]

December 2, 2018 Uncategorized



December 1, 2018 Back Issues

The Grinch (2018)

Of all the Dr. Seuss stories that go down in history as classics, The Grinch who Stole Christmas always stands out. Even disregarding the surprisingly effective marketing campaign for the recent film, it’s always been a staple of holiday classics. [...]

November 8, 2018 REEL REPORT • Film

PETER MURPHY Announces North American RUBY TOUR Celebrating 40 Years of BAUHAUS

Celebrating 40 Years of BAUHAUS Performing the Groundbreaking Debut Album IN THE FLAT FIELD in Its Entirety In celebration of the 40th anniversary of iconic and highly revered post-punk band BAUHAUS, PETER MURPHY has announced the RUBY TOUR which will [...]

October 31, 2018 theNEWS

Warehouse 31: Unleashed (2018) Review

October, and more specifically Halloween, is all about fright – and just like any month, different people celebrate it in different ways. Some take their kids trick-or-treating, or watch horror movies in an effort to get in the spirit of [...]

October 24, 2018 Features